Online Ordering

Helpful Information Before Viewing/Ordering:

    – School, Seniors, Sports, Events 2017-2018:  Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, the online code for all of these type of pictures will be the Student’s school ID number (if student number has a leading “zero” and code does not work, try entering it without the zero).
    – All Prior Years:
    – For School and Senior pictures, it will be the Student’s school ID number.
    – For Sports and Events, the online code will be specific to the group and is in the PDF document sent out by the coach/sponsor.
    – Family Portraits:  The online code will be determined by the family who booked the session.
    – Log-in requires an email address.  Any address will work.
    – On the left hand side of the gallery page, there is a list of months that are used to sort the events by the date they were taken.  THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO SENIORS.  All seniors will be grouped into ONE gallery based upon their school regardless of when the pictures were taken.  The gallery date for seniors is determined by the date of the very senior photographed for that school.
    – Once a sports or school gallery is posted online, there is generally a due date for orders.  This due date applies only if you wish to have the order returned to school for the student to bring home.  The time stamp for getting an order in by the due date is 11:00 p.m. Central time (the company that hosts the site/software is on the east coast so we have no control over making the time 12:00 a.m.).  Any order received after the due date will only have the option to pay $3.50 for mailing.
    – Quality and resolution are greatly reduced for ease of online viewing.  Your ordered images will not look like this.
    – If ordering from multiple students or from multiple events, you can combine the orders into one order.  To do so, you must add everything you want for the first student/event to your shopping cart.  Then, look for the symbol at the top of the page that says: Change Galleries  
    This will bring you back to the main page of galleries where you can choose your next gallery.
    – Some events have a due date for orders to be delivered back to the school/coach.
    – If you miss the deadline, your only option is to pay a mailing fee.
    – Delivery to school/coach does not apply to senior or family portraiture.  All orders will be mailed.
    – There is no option available for picking your order up at a studio.
    – When in doubt, please do NOT place the order.  Send an email with your problem/questions before you complete the order.  This could save you money and frustrations.

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